Foam South offers two types of Spray Foam insulation: Open-cell and Closed-cell.


Open-cell foam is an air barrier, most commonly used in walls, floors, & attic rooflines.


Closed-cell foam is both an air barrier and a moisture barrier, most commonly used in areas of high moisture content, i.e. basements or crawl spaces.


The true power of spray foam in comparison to fiberglass insulation is its ability to eliminate air leaks, not necessarily its R-value. In most cases the first inch of spray foam does the majority of the work.


Our Team


The installers at Foam South are employees, not subcontractors, and are all certified on the proper installation of spray foam insulation. Foam South has the most up to date equipment in the industry that it is routinely serviced & tested to ensure the proper manufacturing of foam. Foam South is fully licensed/insured, family-owned and operated.

Energy Benefits


Spray Foam insulation provides an air barrier which can reduce your heating/cooling cost between 25-40% over the course of a year. Spray foam will improve the overall efficiency and comfort of your home. Because there is minimal temperature exchange, it enables the resident to minimize the use of their HVAC system while maintaining a comfortable temperature inside the home.